About Us

Hi, my name is Chris Fine, owner of Fine Design Marine. As an enthusiastic R/C hobbyist, I have been in business since 1985; setting new trends and establishing never done before speed records.
My goal was never to be the largest mfr., but a custom mfr. of ready-to-run, high performance R/C electric powered vehicles.
As a smaller business I cannot offer you the following-
- instant tracking numbers at time of order
- a toll free phone number
However, as a small owner-worked business here is what I CAN offer you!
- personal 1-on-1 service with the designer, builder and
  owner of the company every time you call
- a vast knowledge of mechanical and electrical layouts
- over a quarter-century of inspirational ideas to the hobby
  industry, such as
     * 1st company to build and establish 1/10 scale
        electric drag racing
     * 1st company to offer high end brushless precision
     * 1st company to offer production high powered electric
finesaw.jpg (62047 bytes)With Fine Design Mfr being the first small co. to produce these product lines, the trend has caught on and many companies have followed our lead!
21egsrahardware.gif (65454 bytes)Whether you are a novice to the hobby, looking to explore new high powered electric options, or an experienced, seasoned R/C hobbyist Fine Design Mfg. has something for you! Call me today and let me FEED YOUR NEED FOR SPEED! If horsepower is your desire, look no further then our own line of record setting motors! We carry the hottest TP motors. And to run these brushless beasts we stock FDM and other Speed Controls.

Bring on the batteries!!!!! We have a full line of Lipoly packs! Time has told the story for Fine Design records. It has been over 10 years since Fine Design has dipped its toe into the waters of RC boating. Every season has been super with drivers participating around the United States. We have set numerous world and national records for speed on water.

Finally, if you've been trying to find Octura, Prather or ABC Propellors, look no further. We carry a full line of props for Fast Electric Boats! dennis.jpg (111066 bytes)So look around and see why the fastest racers are getting their equipment from Fine Design.